The Breakfast Club Boyz

Up Early and a Great Breakfast

2 hours before school begins, the YFC vans pick up the boys and bring them to a local community site or church partner.  While they are being picked up, several volunteers start cooking a great breakfast.  Sometimes it's scrambled eggs and sausage, other time pancakes or other harty breakfast items.  After the boys arrive, it's time to bless the meal and enjoy breakfast. When finished, all of the boys know to clean up their area and throw away all their trash. Currently, there are two breakfast clubs meeting, one in Winter Haven and one in Lakeland. 

Scriptural Stories

After the boys finish breakfast, the YFC team shares a devotion to help them learn more about God's love for them and His plan for their life. Then the boys are all shuttled off to school in the YFC vans.

BC Boyz Photos


  • Steve Crisman, board member of Youth For Christ of Polk County, and Eric Holm, YFC volunteer and Student Pastor at Heartland Community Church, helping at Breakfast Club. 

  • Scott Hirdes, Ministry Director at Youth For Christ of Polk County, during Spring Retreat.

  • Dick Loupe, local fishing guide and Managing Partner for Katydid Fishing Products LLC, volunteers to help cook breakfast for the BC Boyz on every Tuesday that he doesn't have a fishing trip.

  • A few of our boys taking a break during a recent weekend hunting trip.