George W Harris Runaway Shelter

1st and 3rd Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm= Evangelism Outreach Program

Runaway, Homeless, and Youth Crisis Shelters

Each year, the Runaway, Homeless and Youth Crisis Shelters serve over 1,000 youth and their families promoting positive family interactions, resource referrals, and temporary residential care. Our goal is to help families ensure a healthy and safe environment in which to flourish; a nurturing, supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol abuse, of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.


Youth age 10 through 17 who:

Are runaway or homeless
Are “locked out” or “kicked out” of their home by parents or guardians
Need short-term respite or crisis placement due to family conflict
Need emergency shelter placement due to abuse and/or neglect
Need emergency placement due to foster home placement disruption

Runaway, Homeless and Youth Crisis Shelters are there for children who often need an emergency “Safe Place.” Their needs are real, and the protection and care they are given during this transition is critical to their well-being now and for the future.

Each of our shelters offer emergency shelter for youth experiencing abuse/neglect, homelessness, at-risk behaviors such as running away, ungovernability either at home or school, truancy, and youth in foster care who
have experienced a disruption in their foster placement. The primary goal of the program is to empower families and youth to address these behaviors and provide a safe transition back into the home or alternative placement. Shelter staff are trained to assist youth and families to make positive life changes.

Shelter Services are provided as part of the Florida Network of Youth & Family Services, Inc. and include: 24-hour availability, youth supervision, food and clothing, life skills education, crisis counseling, individual and
family counseling, recreation and leisure activities, and case management services. Educational services are provided by the local school district in the county in which the shelter is located. Families pay no fee for program services.

For more information or to make a referral for services contact:

George W. Harris, Jr. Runaway and Youth Crisis Shelter
Hardee / Highlands / Polk County
1060 US Highway 17 South
Bartow, Florida 33830
863-595-0220  Telephone
800-786-8614  Toll Free
863-595-0225  Fax